PEDD 2017 Completed!

By: Luis F. Torrens Sotomayor, Sep-22-2017

C-PEDaL gathered 19 high school students from around the island to enjoy a one day pharmaceutical experience last August 5, 2017 at the Pharmaceutical Engineering Discovery Day (PEDD 2017).

Students came from every part of the island; from Mayaguez to Fajardo with the purpose of participating in a firsthand experience of pharmaceutical engineering. Together with the help of professors and mentors, students discovered the impact of the pharmaceutical industry here at Puerto Rico. With only one day in our hands, they were able to learn some of manufacturing processes and characterization techniques used today by pharmaceutical companies. Techniques such Tap and Bulk Density, Repose Angle, and dissolution were coupled together with the processes of mixing and compression to create a basic perspective of the pharmaceutical process.

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