Center for Pharmaceutical Engineering Development and Learning 

2017 Fall Research at C-PEDaL

This semester brings a diverse group of researches for ways to innovate the pharmaceutical industry.

PEDD 2017 Completed!

19 students from around the island gathered to a one day pharmaceutical experience at C-PEDaL.

Revolutionary Edition of PESCa 2017

“Learning about the different processes you take to develop a tablet is awesome. I am more and more convinced of choosing this as a career”

Review of PESCa 2017 By Prensa Rum Staff

“Yo ya me decidí que voy a estudiar ingeniería química aquí en el Colegio” - PESCa participant

Foro Colegial Interviews Dr. Carlos Velázquez

Dr. Carlos Velazquez talks about the new minor concentration of Pharmaceutical Engineering.

Minor Concentration in Pharmaceutical Engineering comes to UPRM

The minor concentration in Pharmaceutical Engineering was approved at April 26,2016.

Summer Camp Starts

CPEDaL Facilities