In 2012, the first summer camp on pharmaceutical engineering was celebrated on the Center for Pharmaceutical Engineering Development and Learning. This was a great activity to launch a Center focused on developing the area of pharmaceutical engineering and transforming the pharmaceutical industry. Three more summer camps have been celebrated since 2012 with over 85 bright high school students. Clearly, CPEDaL is a young Center with a lot of history to come. In 2006, the ERC on Structure Organic Particulate Systems started its operation with funds from NSF and the pharmaceutical industry. C-SOPS was instrumental to provide the jump-start to CPEDaL.


  • Facilitate basic and applied research for the development of science and engineering methods for designing, scaling, optimizing and controlling relevant manufacturing processes.

  • Support the learning process of junior high school, undergraduate, and graduate students through hands-on experiences

  • Support integral training experiences for industry professionals

  • Increase the capacity of human resources through training and direct experience

  • Launch/transfer new technologies through testing and demonstrations

  • Establish effective educational and technology transfer vehicles

  • Serve as a facility for service, process development and improvement


To be a premier facility to support the transformation of the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry through education of undergraduate and graduate students, basic and applied research, training of professionals, and innovative technology transfer.

Advisory Board Members

  1. Carlos Tollinche - INDUNIV
  2. Ivan Roman _ PIA
  3. Manuel Hormaza - IBS Caribe
  4. Eric Sanchez - J&J
  5. Nelida Plaza - Pharma Bio Serv
  6. Amilcar Orengo - Pfizer
  7. Efrain Ruiz - Merck
  8. Jose Perez - AstraZeneca
  9. Matt Edwards, President - Lilly Del Caribe
  10. Maria Bruno - BMS


2017 Fall Research at C-PEDaL

PEDD 2017 Completed!

Revolutionary Edition of PESCa 2017

Review of PESCa 2017 By Prensa Rum Staff

Foro Colegial Interviews Dr. Carlos Velázquez

Applications Now Open for PESCa 2017

Minor Concentration in Pharmaceutical Engineering comes to UPRM

C-PEDaL Director Participates at BioLatam 2016 Discussion Panel

C-PEDaL goes to PIA 27TH Annual Meeting

C-PEDaL Director at the ASQ 8th Annual Conference

Successful Edition of PESCa 2016

C-PEDAL Was a Featured Speaker at The Lily Academy 2016

"Futuros ingenieros farmacéuticos" By: Mariam Ludim Rosa Vélez – PRENSA RUM

PESCa 2016

Ines Maria Mendoza School Visits C-PEDaL

Domingo Aponte Collazo School Visits C-PEDaL

Pharma Boardroom Interviews C-PEDaL Director

Daniel Velez School Visits C-PEDaL

RUM and Pfizer united for Pharmaceutical Seminar at C-PEDaL

C-PEDaL Participates at Interphex 2015

C-PEDaL Returns to Interphex 2015

Return Guided School Visits

Fall 2015 Research

Third Meeting of our Industrial Advisory Board

PESCa 5th Edition

First Continuous Reseach Pharmaceutical Lab. at UPRM arrives to C-PEDaL

CPEDaL Industrial Advisory Board Meeting

Participation at Interphex 2014

Participation at IFPAC Summer Summit 2014

PhD dissertation

Pharmaceutical Engineering Summer Camp

Guided School visits

"Promueven estudios en ingeniería farmacéutica" by: Rebecca Carrero-PRENSA RUM

"Adentrados en la labor Farmacéutica" by: Cristal M. Romero-PRENSA RUM

"La magia de la Ingeniería Farmacéutica" by: Idem Osorio-PRENSA RUM

"Exploran el mundo de la Ingeniería Farmacéutica" by: Mariam Ludim-PRENSA RUM

"Estudiantes aprenden sobre la industria farmacéutica" by: Rebecca Carrero-PRENSA RUM

"A reforzar iniciativa de Ingeniería Farmacéutica" by: Idem Osorio-PRENSA RUM


PESCa Closing Meeting

Conference Room - C-PEDaL Facilities
Mayagüez, P.R.

Fall Research Continues

Pharmaceutical Laboratory - C-PEDaL
Mayagüez, P.R.

Research Meeting

Conference Room - CPEDaL
Mayagüez, P.R.