Return Guided School Visits

By Luis F. Torrens Sotomayor, 5/10/2015

After a strong remodelation of the C-PEDaL center, guided school visits return from this Friday, October 9, 2015. This Fall, the center will be visited by Dr. Carlos Gonzalez School from Aguada (October 9, 2015), Daniel Velez School from Lares (October 23, 2015), Inés Maria Mendoza School from Cabo Rojo (October 30, 2015), and Domingo Aponte Collazo School also from Lares (November 6, 2015).

The center has a strong vision on educating our society about the importance of the Pharmaceutical Industry at Puerto Rico and since the very beginning, school visits had been part of that goal.

Guided School visits are delivered by students that are working at research here at the Center and are focused on three main activities: mixing, manual compression, and dissolution.