Fall 2015 Research

By Luis F. Torrens Sotomayor, 5/10/2015

This fall, C-PEDaL welcomes 15 students, which will form part of the undergraduate research fall team. The research team will count with 8 new members: Sylmarie Bonet Miranda, Yaireliz Davila Figueroa, Edgard Lebron Rodriguez, Nicole Pagan Aponte, Jennyliam Rodriguez Morales, John Valentin Vega, Amanda Santiago Blanco, and Alexandra Espinosa Rivera. Joining this team will be: Maritza Cruz Hernandez, Lisa Elias Cuadrado, Pedro Hernandez Acevedo, Ramiro Ramirez Aponte, Marcos Rodriguez Berrios, Juleika Villarrubia Perez, Luis F Torrens Sotomayor, and Valeria Semidei Rodriguez.

Research projects this semesters are focused on batch and continuous granulation, optimization of coffee roasting, control of fluid bed drying, and simulation of continuous fluid bed drying, continuous mixing and mixing by oscillatory shear application.